Friday, July 11, 2014

July 2014 issue

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July Newsletter

OpenRice Be the 1st

Key Features

1. Use food photos to find Nearby Restaurants

2. Keep track of all restaurants you have visited in an organized way

3. Organize all foods you have eaten with OpenSnap

4. Know what to order by viewing restaurant's food photos.

5. View restaurants full details behind each photo

OpenRice Be the 1st

Top 10 Char Siew in the Klang Valley you must try!

OpenRice Restaurant Highlight of the month
Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

A one-stop destination for authentic Japanese fare.
Find out more now
FoodTalk 食物工坊

Satisfy your palate with their delicious Western dishes and mille crepe!
Find out more now
Vivo American Pizza & Panini

Hailed from the States, they offer a good selection of American foods.
Find out more now
K.L.'s 10 Must-Eat Banana Leaf Rice

Nothing is as satisfying as a hearty plate of banana-leaf rice. Here are K.L.'s best 10
Read now
Top 8 Prawn Mee in KL & PJ

Some of the best Prawn Mee in the Klang Valley! Have you tried any of them?
Read now
K.L.'s 5 Must-Eat Tau Foo Fah

Nothing soothes you like a hot, smooth, tender handcrafted tau foo fah. Here are 5 that you must try in K.L
Read now

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