Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Re: [GenkiMomma Biz Team] New Doc: [NEWBIES] WELCOME NOTES!!!

Suriey Swetie
Suriey Swetie 10:56am May 7
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Zai Alhambra
Zai Alhambra10:47am May 7
Welcome Suriey Swetie... Jemput2 lah baca ye
Faha Wan
Faha Wan10:15am May 7
welcome Fara Rozana Salikin..jmput baca welcome ni..apa2 xpaham, inform ye dear...=)
Maliana Mohamad
Maliana Mohamad10:57pm May 1
Noor Anis Mazlan, Noor Fazlyaton Alwi, Norhasliza MN, Rabiatul Adawiah, Sazzas Adam, Anis Shakirin..jemput baca welcome notes dr Master Arnie our Superline kita..ada masa boleh go thru file2 kat sini yer..gud Luck..All da Best. :)
Norzatul Shima
Norzatul Shima9:54pm May 1
Farhana Rahman, Ani Mesri .. jmpt bace welcome note dr master arni... :)
Hanis Amin
Hanis Amin1:36pm Apr 28
welcome Julyana Taib dan Moms Love. jemput baca files2 dalam ni
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