Thursday, March 27, 2014

Re: [GenkiMomma Biz Team] New Doc: [NEWBIES] WELCOME NOTES!!!

Azmil N Hasfiza
Azmil N Hasfiza 6:37pm Mar 27
welcome Ezreen Khalid.. jemput baca ye... bnyk info2 dlm nota..
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Azwa Zaki
Azwa Zaki8:54pm Mar 26
welcome kak Roslini Sabar Malisi.. sila baca welcome notes di atas.. boleh bace banyak info kt sini kak.. ape2 nnti boleh tnye saya ye? tq
Intan Marlinda Ramli
Intan Marlinda Ramli2:55pm Mar 14
Welcome Alis Ardini jemput baca yerr.. Thank u Arnie MY for inviting.. 󾰀
Arnie MY
Arnie MY2:45pm Mar 14
Welcome Alis Ardini! Jemput baca "Welcome Notes" nie, dan feel free to borak2 around…

cc: Intan Marlinda Ramli
Mazilawati Maaroff
Nur Razali
Nur Razali2:50pm Mar 13
Welcome Nur Najwa Razali..jemput baca welcome notes ya,ni group besar under master Arnie MY..
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