Friday, March 14, 2014

Re: [GenkiMomma Biz Team] New Doc: [NEWBIES] WELCOME NOTES!!!

Arnie MY
Arnie MY 2:45pm Mar 14
Welcome Alis Ardini! Jemput baca "Welcome Notes" nie, dan feel free to borak2 around…

cc: Intan Marlinda Ramli
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Mazilawati Maaroff
Nur Razali
Nur Razali2:50pm Mar 13
Welcome Nur Najwa Razali..jemput baca welcome notes ya,ni group besar under master Arnie MY..
Hanis Amin
Hanis Amin2:18pm Mar 13
welcome Norashikin Ekin Ijat. Jemput baca nota2 dalam ni juga ya
Ameera Edr Lee
Ameera Edr Lee2:16pm Mar 13
thanks sis :* :)
Qistina Nan
Qistina Nan2:05pm Mar 13
Ameera Lee...welcome to shaklee family..baca note nie ah..happy group under master Arnie MY..
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