Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Re: [GenkiMomma Biz Team] New Doc: [NEWBIES] WELCOME NOTES!!!

Fazila Ela
Fazila Ela 2:53pm Feb 19
Mary Yan Augustine
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Fazila Ela
Fazila Ela2:53pm Feb 19
welcome!!!!Mary Yan Augustine
Nur Hasnah Hassan
Nur Hasnah Hassan1:44pm Feb 19
IeNa' AdDy, welcome! sila baca-baca files dalam ni..byk info best2 taw. Tak phm roger-roger k!
Mazilawati Maaroff
Rini Shariff
Rini Shariff4:31pm Feb 17
Mazilawati Maaroff pls tag anak cucu cicit mu di sini
Mastura Ariffin
Mastura Ariffin4:06pm Feb 17
Welcome Ina Sharif.. jemput baca welcome notes ni ye.. bnyk info shaklee dlm ni.. anything bole tanya saya ye..
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